We’re all looking for ways to conserve energy and save money-both you and your electric cooperative. And TOU Rates are a convenient means of doing just that.

By switching usage to those hours of less demand-as well as using energy-efficient appliances that can take advantage of those hours through heat storage-homeowners can realize dramatic reductions in their electric bills. Electrical Thermal Storage (ETS) heaters significantly reduce your overall energy bill because they are designed to utilize energy stored during off-peak hours.

Similarly, high-capacity electric water heaters with timers use off-peak electricity to further lower your energy costs while still providing all the hot water your family needs. When you sign up for TOU Rates, your electric cooperative will replace your present meter with one that records your energy use at different times of the day. You will be charged for the energy you use, during off-peak hours you will be billed at applicable residential rates.