Northern Rio Arriba Electric offers a variety of billing and payment options for our members. Please contact us if you have questions about paying your bill or managing your account online. We now accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER CARD.

Statements or Balances for accounts are generated in the billing system on the 1st of every month and automatically mailed out by our billing company.

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive them in the mail. 

With online bill pay, you can access your account to make payments, update your profile, check your billing history, etc. Make an account today to have 24/7 access to our customer services portal.

Online Bill Pay


***PLEASE NOTE: If you pay on an account that is on the disconnects list or has been disconnected, our system does not notify us automatically that a payment has been made. Please call the office so that we may restore service.***


The cooperative will offer to its consumer budget billing (payment plans) as filed with the applicable rate schedule.

Rolling Average:

Budget payments will be based on a rolling average of the prior twelve (12) month's usage unless provided for otherwise in the applicable rate schedule.

In determining one (1) year's budget payment plan the computation shall be specific to each residential customer. If the residential customer has been served by the utility at the same location for the previous year, the budgeted payment should be based on the residential customer's actual use for the previous year normalized for known load characteristic changes and for unusual weather conditions for the residential class of customers. If the residential customer has not been on the actual weather conditions, as applied to the residential class of the customers or similar residential customers, i.e., similar appliances, household size, and other utility needs.

Bill Contents:

Bills rendered under a budget payment plan will show the actual charges incurred for the current billing period, the budget amount due, and the amount of any credit or arrearage.


To be eligible, the consumer must be then either current in payment or have entered into and be complying with a settlement agreement.


If the consumer should become chronically delinquent in failing to pay the amount specified in the budget payment plan, the consumer may be removed from the plan and the plan may be withheld for up to twelve (12) succeeding months. Upon removal from actual usage be deemed delinquent.

Failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay the bill, waive any late penalties, or other fees associated with collection of this account.

         Please be sure to attach a voided check with the form and please feel free to mail, fax, or email back to our office.



Payment of Your Account

Using SurePay, your bank account will be automatically drafted 5 business days prior to the due date on your current bill.

How to Sign Up

Complete the Authorization Agreement for Bank draft or Credit Card draft and return the forms to the NORA office as soon as possible. This service is being offered for your convenience. Your participation is voluntary and can be terminated upon request. Just notify NORA in writing that it is to be terminated and give us a reasonable amount of time to act on it.

Proof of Electric Payment

Your financial institution will provide a statement of your SurePay Transfer. Their statement is proof of payment of your electric bill. Telephone, write, or come in if the transfer amount should differ from the amount on your electric bill statement.

Problem with Your Bill

NORA will continue to mail your monthly electric statement to you. Please review your statement and if there is a problem let us know as soon as possible. Many times the problem can be corrected within 7 days of the statement date on your bill.

Payments Returned to NORA

Should your financial institution return a SurePay transfer due to insufficient funds in your account, the return payment will be subject to an established charge for a return check. Your SurePay account will also be terminated at that time. You will have to sign up again if you want to be on SurePay.

How to Stop Payment

If at any time you wish to stop any automatic payment, please contact your financial institution 3 business days or more before the payment is scheduled to be made. Of course, the Stop Payment may be subject to charge by your financial institution.

Financial Assistance 

If illness, accident, or some other incident drains your financial resources or if you are elderly or living on a fixed or low income, you may be eligible to have financial assistance from state or federal government agencies which can help you pay your utility bills. If you need help, please get in touch with your local County Welfare Office or call the Human Services Department toll-free at 1-800-432-6217. There are some utility companies that have funds for help on a one-time basis if you cannot pay your bill. Please ask the utility company if they provide this kind of help. Also, a third party may provide a guarantee of your bill.

Even if financial assistance is not available, the utility will not cut off service if doing so would harm the life of a seriously ill person in your home and you provide the utility with a medical certificate.

Payment Arrangements

If a consumer foresees a problem paying their bill they may come into the office to make a payment arrangement at least  (7) days before disconnect day. The payment arrangement requires the consumer to pay half or the full amount due. If the remaining balance is not paid by the date agreed, the consumer has seven (7) days to pay the account in full before the account gets disconnected. If a payment agreement is done on disconnect day, NORA Co-op will determine how long the extension is. The payment arrangement will still require the consumer to pay half of the amount due before the arrangement is granted.
Failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay the bill or waive any late penalties, or other fees associated with the collection of this account.