Below please find printable forms for various services and requests to Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative.

Member Forms

Membership Application- New Service Application


  • Ordering or Transferring Service? You can start or transfer service simply by visiting our customer service office. In most cases, service can be started the next regular workday. We do request if possible at least 3 days' notice. If you are not in the area you may print out the form and email or mail it back to us using the billing email address:           


Request for Disconnect, Name Change, or Mailing Address Change

  • To stop service with Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative, please complete the form and mail it to our customer service office. 


Line Extension Policy

  • When you need a line extension the utility must give you a copy of their line extension policy and explain it to you. They should establish a reasonable time to deliver the cost estimate to you 30 days after you have complied with all reasonable requirements of the utility. Construction of the line or the line extension will be completed within 60 days after you have signed the line extension agreement and after the utility has secured all applicable permits, rights-of-way, materials, and labor. ("Acts of God," or circumstances beyond the utility's control may extend this time period.) Learn more about line extensions.


Solar Manual and Application

Net Metering Interconnection Manual & Application 

  • If you would like to apply for Northern Rio Electric Cooperative to install and operate a generating facility with a rated capacity greater than 10 kW interconnected with another utility system, please complete the form and mail it to Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative, Inc.


NMREC - 2023 Solar Energy Rate Schedule

Employment Application

Employment Application                                                                                                                                               


  • Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative, Inc. places great emphasis on customer service, teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation. We look for people who exemplify these qualities and are willing to work hard for our membership. Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.