When you need a line extension the utility must give you a copy of their line extension policy and explain it to you. They should establish a reasonable time to deliver the cost estimate to you 30 days after you have complied with all reasonable requirements of the utility. Construction of the line or the line extension will be completed within 60 days after you have signed the line extension agreement and after the utility has secured all applicable permits, rights-of-way, materials, and labor. ("Acts of God," or circumstances beyond the utility's control may extend this time period.)

If you are not satisfied with the utility's proposal, the utility will provide you with an informal review of the proposal. They will also inform you, in writing, of your options concerning the type of installation and how it will affect utility charges based on present rates or on rates that are subject to a pending rate case. At the very least, comparisons of average annual utility charges should be provided.

The amount charged for the line extension will be based on the estimated total cost to the utility and will be clearly stated in the written line extension agreement entered into between you and the utility. How the cost is collected from you will be determined by the applicable tariffs on Commission. (410.28)

Northern Rio Arriba Electric Coop. Inc. Specifications

New Construction and Line Extensions

This process starts with a consumer filling out an application for service and membership. We also need a copy of the plat along with the deed. This will then be scheduled for an appointment with the Director of Operations to meet with the consumer(s) on-site for an estimate. After an estimate has been done the information will be mailed to the consumer(s).

Relocation of Facilities

Lines relocated by the Cooperative at the consumer's request and for the consumer's convince shall be paid for by the consumer in full and the consumer shall execute an Agreement for Relocation of Electric Lines form.