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Budget Billing


The cooperative will offer to its consumer budget billing (payment plans) as filed with the applicable rate schedule.

Rolling Average:

Budget payments will be based on a rolling average of the prior twelve (12) month's usage unless provided for otherwise in the applicable rate schedule.

In determining one (1) year's budget payment plan the computation shall be specific to each residential customer. If the residential customer has been served by the utility at the same location for the previous year, the budgeted payment should be based on the residential customer's actual use for the previous year normalized for known load characteristic changes and for unusual weather conditions for the residential class of customers. If the residential customer has not been on the actual weather conditions, as applied to the residential class of the customers or similar residential customers, i.e., similar appliances, household size, and other utility needs.

Bill Contents:

Bills rendered under a budget payment plan will show the actual charges incurred for the current billing period, the budget amount due, and the amount of any credit or arrearage.


To be eligible, the consumer must be then either current in payment or have entered into and be complying with a settlement agreement.


If the consumer should become chronically delinquent in failing to pay the amount specified in the budget payment plan, the consumer may be removed from the plan and the plan may be withheld for up to twelve (12) succeeding months. Upon removal from actual usage be deemed delinquent.

Failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay the bill, waive any late penalties, or other fees associated with collection of this account.


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